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Volumiz Colored Hair Thickener 200ml (Black)

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Volumiz Colored Hair Thickener

An 2 in 1 innovative hair thickener which hides bald spots and thickens hair giving you a fuller head of hair within seconds & also covers white roots and greying hair making you look and feel younger instantly!

Thickens In Seconds..

On close inspection, in any light, you will appear to have a full head of hair! This amazing hair thickener consists of tiny fibres which attach themselves to your own thin hair and, building upon themselves until each of your hairs appears vastly thicker than it actually is*.


Covers Roots Instantly…

This colored hair thickener is an efficient cover spray to use in between visits to the hair salon. It quickly covers white roots and greying hair in seconds and provides a great result until you shampoo your hair the next time.

The colour looks completely natural, the specially designed pigments blend perfectly with your hair. This affordable coloured hair thickener is also very light and does not weigh the hair making it feel heavy. Your hair should look and feel light and natural and with this product thats how it should feel.

Long Lasting…

VOLUMIZ will not run with perspiration, fine rain nor in strong wind. It comes off only with shampoo and warm water. Outperforms hair building fibers and all other hair loss concealers.

Regain Confidence…

Your days of embarrassment and hiding in the shadows are over! VOLUMIZ will boost your confidence and transform your appearance!

Available Colours…

VOLUMIZ comes in three different colours: Black, Dark Brown, Light Brown,
These colours can be used alone or in combination to blend and achieve the perfect match to your own hair colour. Even on close inspection, the VOLUMIZ fibers will be undetectable and make you look like you have a full, thick head of hair*. There are approximately 30 applications in each can 200ml.


Effective affordable Hair Thickener That Looks Natural

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